Our Rule of Life 

 Our Rule of Life reflects the traditional Religious vows of Poverty, Celibacy and Obedience, which we seek to live in ways appropriate to a dispersed community.

We live Religious Poverty, not by divesting ourselves of our material possessions, but by recognising that all such possessions come from God, and by consecrating them to God's service through generous stewardship.  Each member lives this out through transparency within the community concerning what she owns, and through openness to the advice of the community as to how she might best use it in God's service.

We live our Celibacy as that state of being which allows the fullest expression of each member's call to an all-consuming, loving relationship with her Lord.  This loving relationship is grounded in and nurtured by a disciplined life of prayer and a well-balanced lifestyle.  We believe that a way of life conducive to physical and psychological health, lived in close communion with a loving Creator and one's Sisters, is an essential foundation of Celibacy as loving self-giving in the service of others.  Thus, amongst other things, each member is expected to spend at least an hour in prayer each day, to be present at the Eucharist on both Sundays and weekdays when possible, and to be regular in recreation.

We live Religious Obedience by faithful observance of the Rule and Constitution, and by seeking always and in every situation to discern, in consultation with the community, what will be to the greater glory of God.  Although each member exercises considerable responsibility concerning the ordering of her own life, she is required to be present at College Chapter meetings, to wear the full habit on specified occasions, and in certain situations to seek the advice and the consent of the community.




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