About Us

We are a newly-formed community of Anglican women who feel called to live the Religious life in the style of the Oratory of the Good Shepherd, a men's community founded in Cambridge, England, in 1913.  Although we are autonomous, our venture is encouraged by the Oratory, and one of their former Superiors, The Right Revd. Dominic Walker OGS, has been guiding us during our foundation period, and is now our Episcopal Visitor.


In common with the Oratory of the Good Shepherd, we are a "dispersed community."  Sisters may live together if called to serve in the same place, but those who live on their own enjoy equal status within the Community.  Although the founding members were ordained, lay women are equally welcome as full members.


Sisters nurture and maintain the communal life by meeting together regularly in local "Colleges," through praying for one another, visiting one another and maintaining close communications by means of e-mail and telephone.   College meetings include, in addition to the formal Chapter meeting, time for fellowship meals, recreation together and communal worship.


We take the traditional vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience, which are lived out in ways appropriate to our dispersed state.  (See further details on the Rule of Life page.) 


The unity of the Community and of its colleges, however, depends primarily on the maintenance in the life of every Sister of the spirit described in the Seven Notes.  (See the full text of the Seven Notes on the corresponding page.)


Closely associated with the Sisters are Companions, who may be male or female, married or single, and ordained or lay.  Companions live a simpler Rule of Life which reflects that of the Sisters, and live a committed life of devotion to Christ and service to his people.



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